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Because apparently we can't have a website anymore without a blog

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Actually, I post a lot of information related to climate change almost daily elsewhere. But, as time permits, I'm going to put the esoterica I encounter related to climate change here rather than trying to update the various pages. So this will be reverse in chronological rather than logically organized within the structure of the rest of this website. Please don't rely on this as a consistent and current source for climate change information updates. Sadly, we cannot rely on our corporate-controlled mass media for good information on this. I update this site on my own time, and making a living has to take priority.
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2019.12.28 - Renewables On The Rise In The Mining Industry (OilPrice.com)

2019.12.27 - Climate change caused 15 disasters costing over $1 bn this year: charity (Phys.Org)

2019.12.27 - Fossil Fuel Knocks the Wind Out of Renewable Energy Movement in Ohio (TrunthOut)

2019.12.26 - Every Coal Power Plant in the World (1927-2019) (Visual Capitalist)

2019.12.23 - As climate change melts Alaska's permafrost, roads sink, bridges tilt and greenhouse gases release (Phys.org)

2019.12.22 - Lockheed Martin Testing Innovative Flow Battery Technology (National Post)

2019.12.21 - 'Intimidating:' Alberta's energy war room singles out climate campaigner (National Post)

2019.12.21 - 'Everything is Burning': Australian Inferno Continues, Choking Off Access to Cities Across Country (Common Dreams)

2019.12.20 - 100% WWS Part 1: Jacobson’s New Study Displaces 99.7% Fossil Energy With Massive Savings (CleanTechnica)

2019.12.20 - Roads are melting during hottest heatwave in Australian history (Global News)

2019.12.20 - Research points to unprecedented and worrying rise in sea levels (Phys.org)

2019.12.20 - ‘Responsibility for This Crisis Belongs on the Corporations That Have Created It.’ (FAIR)

2019.12.19 - China Dumps LNG Amid Massive Glut In Asia (OilPrice.com)

2019.12.19 - What Climate Change Tells Us about Being Human (Scientific American)

2019.12.19 - Greece’s first electric ferry announced (PlugBoats)

2019.12.19 - New Island Class ferries preparing for journey to B.C. (MyPowellRiverNow)

2019.12.18 - Labrador’s melting landscape: Cultural centre offers lesson on how to build on thawing permafrost (Globe and Mail)

2019.12.16 - Blowout turned an Ohio gas well into a methane ‘super-emitter’ (Seattle Times)

2019.12.14 - We May Have Gravely Underestimated The Threat of 'Dead Zones' in The World's Oceans (science alert)

2019.12.12 - 100% renewables means 95% less water consumption for conventional power generation (pv magazine)

2019.12.11 - Climate change: Methane pulse detected from South Sudan wetlands (BBC News)

2019.12.11 - We calculated emissions due to electricity loss on the power grid – globally, it’s a lot (The Conversation)

2019.12.11 - “The Most Extreme Fires We’ve Ever Seen”: Record Climate-Fueled Wildfires Engulf Australia in Smoke (Democracy Now)

2019.12.10 - Reindeer starving as climate change affects Swedish arctic, covering it in ice (Global News)

2019.12.09 - Earth's frozen 'water towers' threatened by warming, population growth, report says (CBC News)

2019.12.09 - Tesla's Virtual Power Plant rescues grid after coal peaker fails, and it's only 2% finished (Teslarati)

2019.12.09 - Newly identified jet-stream pattern could imperil global food supplies, says study (Phys.org)

2019.12.09 - Canola, soybeans and potatoes left in fields after weather and trade war deliver 'brutal' year for farming (Financial Post)

2019.12.09 - Polluting firms 'will be hit by climate policies' (BBC News)

2019.12.08 - Dealing With Climate PTSD (TomDispatch - Dahr Jamail)

2019.12.07 - The Climate Emergency Has Already Begun as Earth Systems Collapse (TruthOut)

2019.12.06 - Remembrance Lake: In Japan, climate change unravels 600 years of history held dear (Reuters)

2019.12.06 - Why Texas’s fossil fuel support will ‘spell disaster’ for climate crisis (The Guadrian)

2019.12.06 - Turns Out a Wild Geoengineering Plan to Refreeze Arctic Sea Ice Isn't the Best Idea (Gizmodo)

2019.12.05 - Opinion: Promoting small nuclear reactors is just a diversion (Saskatoon Star Phoenix)

While these 3 provincial 'conservative' leaders prepare to waste billions of tax dollars on a bad idea which will take decades to fail to launch, we will continue to see hostility (er, I mean 'austerity') measures applied to health care workers and any useful environmental initiatives. Not included in any of these announcements: how to deal with disposal of the new spent nuclear fuel, let alone the existing inventories world-wide that have no viable solution. For context, 300 MW is half a Pickering reactor - so, not so small, really. Sad, so sad.

2019.12.05 - Climate policy needs negative carbon-dioxide emissions (The Economist)

2019.12.04 - Climate models have accurately predicted global heating, study finds (The Guardian)

2019.12.04 - Study shows lake methane emissions should prompt rethink on climate change (phys.org)

2019.12.03 - 28 Years Ago, Big Oil Predicted It Would Take A High Price On Carbon To Stop Warming (HuffPost)

2019.12.03 - City’s Bus Fleet to Transition to Renewable Diesel (Santa Barbara Independent)

2019.12.03 - Fortune beams on Tsilhqot'in solar-power project on remote Chilcotin plateau (Vancouver Sun)

2019.12.02 - Recreational vehicles; a step towards electric (Radio Canada International)

2019.12.02 - Warming temperatures put women at risk of giving birth early, study says (CNN)

2019.12.02 - Years Before Exxon Valdez, Documents Show Exxon’s Imperial Oil Prioritized Public Image Over Spill Impacts (DeSmog Blog)

2019.12.02 - [dead link: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/bombardier-adopts-gevo-sustainable-aviation-140010051.html] Bombardier Adopts Gevo’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel for New Aircraft Deliveries in Canada (Yahoo! Finance)

2019.12.01 - Students become school boiler-room sleuths to assess climate change risks (The Conversation)

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You can find many earlier postings related to climate change at:
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I present a lot of information in this blog and on this website. If you need some help sorting through the noise level and getting a forward-looking, proactive approach to climate change for your business, I can do that work for you via my consulting business. Contact

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