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Actually, I post a lot of information related to climate change almost daily elsewhere. But, as time permits, I'm going to put the esoterica I encounter related to climate change here rather than trying to update the various pages. So this will be reverse in chronological rather than logically organized within the structure of the rest of this website. Please don't rely on this as a consistent and current source for climate change information updates. Sadly, we cannot rely on our corporate-controlled mass media for good information on this. I update this site on my own time, and making a living has to take priority.
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2020.01.30 Researchers make critical advances in quantifying methane released from the Arctic Ocean (Phys.org)

2020.01.30 Solving the climate crisis isn’t on consumers. It’s on the people in power. (Maclean's)

2020.01.29 New Jersey town keeps its water clean with the country’s largest floating solar system (Solar Power World)

2020.01.28 Lawmaker Wants To Know Why Climate Misinformation Is Rampant On YouTube (Forbes)

2020.01.28 Inoculation theory: The vaccine for climate disinformation (Phys.org)

2020.01.28 Manitoba to increase ethanol, biodiesel content in transportation fuels (Canadian Biomass)

It should be noted that Premier Pallister is noted for his resistance to any carbon tax and has been a fossil-fuel promoter during his term as Manitoba Premier. So this marks a shift.

2020.01.28 John Horgan's envoy to Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs needs to come clean on carbon capture and storage (Straight)

2020.01.28 Research links sea ice retreat with tropical phenomena, including a new kind of El Nino (Phys.org)

2020.01.28 Airborne measurements point to low EPA methane estimates in south central US (Phys.org)

2020.01.28 Tech giants power record surge in renewable energy sales (The Guardian)

2020.01.27 Melting Arctic sea ice may be altering winds, weather at equator: study (MongaBay)

2020.01.27 $3.6 Billion Energy Storage Project Rising From Ashes Of Coal Power Plant (Clean Technica)

How's that for a recycling initiative? Re-purposing the transmission lines from a giant coal generating stations to hook a pumped storage (and renewable energy network) to the U.S. national grid.

2020.01.27 UK gov. fossil fuel financing responsible for 69 million tons of emissions (Smart Energy Interational)

2020.01.25 Why the Transition to Clean Energy Is Happening a Lot Faster Than People Realize (Bloomberg)

2020.01.24 Climate Crisis May Cause the Next Financial Crisis (EcoWatch)

Per Bill McKibben, the headline should read: Financial Systems Could Cause the Next Financial Meltdown

2020.01.23 This Problem With Fracked Oil and Gas Wells Is Occurring 'at an Alarming Rate' (DeSmog Blog)

2020.01.23 Climate hazard scientists connect 2018's Four Corners drought directly to human-caused climate change (Phys.org)

2020.01.23 University of Alberta survey to explore how wildfire smoke is affecting Canadians (Edmonton Journal)

2020.01.21 New federal climate think tank looking for a road map to zero emissions (Toronto Star)

2020.01.21 Arctic sea ice can't 'bounce back' (Phys.org)

2020.01.21 Emissions of potent greenhouse gas rises, contradicting reports of huge reductions (EurekaAlert!)

2020.01.20 Ozone-depleting gases might have driven extreme Arctic warming (Nature)

2020.01.20 Scientists were stumped when seabirds started dying. Now they have answers (Phys.org)

2020.01.20 Exceptional is new normal: Experts break down anti-science tropes on extreme weather (CBC News)

2020.01.20 Alberta’s Oil And Gas Company Tax Debt Balloons To Double The Size (OilPrice.com)

2020.01.20 Oil and gas industry must do more to address climate change, report says (CBC News)

2020.01.20 Climate refugees can't be returned home, says landmark UN human rights ruling (The Guardian)

2020.01.18 Japan Court Halts Nuclear Reactor Restart Citing Volcano, Earthquake Risks (NDTV News)

2020.01.16 The Voyage to the End of Ice (Quanta Magazine)

2020.01.16 Nuclear Power ‘Cannot Rival Renewable Energy’ (EcoWatch)

2020.01.16 Germany renewables up to 43%, coal emissions down in 2019 – report (Smart Energy International)

2020.01.16 Germany will spend billions to speed up shutdown of coal-fired power plants (Global News)

2020.01.16 Blue-green algae found to produce greenhouse gas methane (Phys.org)

This is methane production when the cyanobacteria (blue green algae) is growing. That's in addition to the methane production after it dies and decomposes under water (anaerobic). Another reason to get excessive algae and cyanobacteria off open waters as quickly as possible, allowing for the fact that some cyanobacteria release toxins and can be a hazard to health in mammals, including dogs and humans.

2020.01.16 Sunflower Finally Scraps Plans for 895-MW Kansas Coal Plant (Power)

2020.01.16 YouTube Has Been 'Actively Promoting' Videos Spreading Climate Denialism, According to New Report (Time)

2020.01.15 Group cleaning up old oil wells says Alberta government rules inadequate (CBC News)

Irony Alert! Alberta oil-industry-funded organization tasked with cleaning up orphaned and abandoned oil wells calls out regulator on industry practice of selling depleted wells to underfunded shell companies to avoid clean-up liability. Allowing the industry to shirk its clean-up obligations is essentially another subsidy to the oil industry, leaving small private landowners and the taxpayer with the consequences and liabilities.

2020.01.15 Europe breaks through: renewables overtook fossil fuels in 2019 – report (Smart Energy International)

2020.01.14 U.S. Gas Giant Downgraded To Junk Status (Smart Energy International)

Another crack in the walls of Fortress Fossil Fuels, this time it's natural gas. Oil prices are also falling today (Jan.15) based on surprise U.S. crude inventory build. In Canada, WCS (bitumen blend crude) is trading under $35, fully $23 - 38% - below WTI. Even with massive subsidies and royalty holidays, it seems unlikely the bitumen patch can turn a profit at those prices over a period of weeks or months.

2020.01.14 BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, is changing its focus to climate change (CBC News)

Major oil companies are selling oil fields. BlackRock is divesting from fossil fuels. These are the ultimate Fortress Fossil Fuels insiders, and they're bugging out.

2020.01.14 New climate models suggest Paris goals may be out of reach (New Vision)

2020.01.13 Five 2020 Energy Predictions: Solar Surge, Coal Crash, Gas Exorcism, Clean Energy Incentives, Public Mobilization (Forbes)

Not without continuing pressure from climate change and clean energy advocates. Fortress Fossil Fuels still has the money and political clout.

2020.01.13 Electric buses return to Glasgow for first time in more than 50 years (CNBC)

It's taken us some 300 years to overwhelm the planet's 12,000 year climate stability with profligate and wasteful use of fossil carbon fuels (coal, oil, methane) and generating uncountable amounts of waste heat. We have about 5 years now to really turn things around, assuming we don't trigger any tipping points. We aren't going to do this overnight, and our success is going to be measured in these kind of small wins, not by hoping a miracle will happen.

2020.01.10 How to Stop Freaking Out and Tackle Climate Change (New York Times)

2020.01.09 Imperial Oil, Canada’s Exxon Subsidiary, Ignored Its Own Climate Change Research for Decades, Archive Shows (GreenTech Media)

The shift from GHG-emitting fuels to zero-emissions renewables will move forward like this, with individual decisions for economic reasons based on price signals, with 'virtue-signaling' as a bonus. As nuclear fission has increasing reliability issues in Europe, coal ramping down due to cost, and natural gas supply occasionally constricted, renewables will end up as the reliability champions as well.

2020.01.08 - Google Inks Huge Corporate Solar-Plus-Storage Deal in Nevada (GreenTech Media)

This is how affordable renewables plus local stoage will combine to create dispatchable, zero-emissions electricity to displace GHG-emitting fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. Even diesel for remote (not grid-connected) locations. By being the less expensive but at least as reliable option. We can accelerate this switch by requiring that fossil fuel GHG-emitting options pay fees for their emissions, and remove their subsidies. Not all the conversions will be this big or garner media headlines, but each one is a victory for the future of our kids and grandkids. (Someday media will learn that storage has to be specified in both watt-hours (storage capacity) and watts (power capability).)

2020.01.08 Imperial Oil, Canada’s Exxon Subsidiary, Ignored Its Own Climate Change Research for Decades, Archive Shows (The Intercept)

2020.01.07 Coal’s Collapse Has America’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Falling (Bloomberg)

It's about economics, not climate change mitigation. If you want to succeed in a world run by neo-liberals, you have to use their tools to your advantage. In short, protect subsidies for renewables and dismantle subsidies for GHG-emitting energy and practices. The cracks in Fortress Fossil Fuels are showing; it's time to drive in the wedges and collapse the walls.

2020.01.07 - The world will add 142 GW of new solar this year (PV Magazine)

2020.01.06 - These Three European Countries Broke Major Renewables Records In 2019 (Forbes)

2020.01.06 - Why Ontario must rethink its nuclear refurbishment plans (The Conversation)

2020.01.06 - Big Oil and think tanks use smoke and mirrors: review of The Big Stall (National Observer)

2020.01.06 - Shutdown of US coal power facilities saved over 26,000 lives, study finds (The Guardian)

2020.01.05 - Denmark Passes Magic 50% In Renewable Electricity Generation Milestone (CleanTechnica)

2020.01.05 - Ontario can phase out nuclear and avoid increased carbon emissions (The Conversation)

2020.01.04 - Egan: Then, one winter, there was no skating on the Rideau Canal (Ottawa Citizen)

2020.01.04 - Lethal algae blooms – an ecosystem out of balance (The Guardian)

2020.01.04 - 'It's unprecedented': What is behind Australia's devastating fires? (CBC News)

2020.01.04 - Alberta’s oil and gas ‘war room’ isn’t doing Alberta’s oil and gas industry any favours (Globe and Mail)

2020.01.03 - Groundbreaking Study Finds 'Fingerprint' of Human-Caused Climate Change in Global Daily Weather (Common Dreams)

2020.01.03 - What will the end of oil dependence mean for geopolitics? (BBC News)

2020.01.03 - Iberdrola Completes Europe’s Largest Solar Plant (and Yes, It’s Subsidy-Free) (Green Tech Media)

2020.01.03 - Members of Congress Own Up to $93 Million in Fossil Fuel Stocks (Sludge)

2020.01.02 - Denmark sources record 47% of power from wind in 2019 (Reuters)

2020.01.02 - [dead site: https://www.canadianunderwriter.ca/climate-change/growing-cost-of-climate-change-prompts-this-insurer-to-stop-covering-oil-sands-1004172252/] ‘Growing cost’ of climate change prompts this insurer to stop covering oil sands (Canadian Underwriter)

2020.01.02 - Alberta's $30-million bonfire (National Observer)

Past blog pages: May 2019 June 2019 July 2019 August 2019 September 2019 October 2019 November 2019 December 2019

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