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Actually, I post a lot of information related to climate change almost daily elsewhere. But, as time permits, I'm going to put the esoterica I encounter related to climate change here rather than trying to update the various pages. So this will be reverse in chronological rather than logically organized within the structure of the rest of this website. Please don't rely on this as a consistent and current source for climate change information updates. Sadly, we cannot rely on our corporate-controlled mass media for good information on this. I update this site on my own time, and making a living has to take priority.
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2020.02.27 - When It Comes to Sustainability, Amazon Delivers… Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Vice)

2020.02.26 - RCMP Pensions Are Invested in Controversial Gas Pipeline Owner>/A> (Vice)

2020.02.26 - Alberta government took six months to release alarming climate report (Global News)

Because this is a 'government' that serves foreign oil and gas companies, not its citizens. Also note the fudging of the entry date in the government online records. One critic refers to the chain of mis-steps as a 'comedy of errors'. Whether there was calculated malicious intent or a mind-boggling collection of incompetence by mulitple members of the UCP government, neither is a good look if you're a resident of Alberta. The exodux of jobs and residents will continue.

2020.02.25 - Senegal opens West Africa’s first large-scale wind farm (Smart Energy Interntional)

2020.02.24 - Oil and gas industry rewards US lawmakers who oppose environmental protections – study (The Guardian)

2020.02.24 - Fossil-Fuel Subsidies Must End (Scientific American)

2020.02.24 - Lack of financing likely a key factor in shelving Frontier oil project, experts say (Toronto Star)

It's about the profits and financial risk. The fossil fuel industry and its investors don't care about climate change, indigenous rights or the environment.

2020.02.24 - Biofuel could save oil companies as more transit goes electric (Houston Chronicle)

2020.02.24 - Energy conservation needs to take centre stage in Ontario (The Conversation)

2020.02.24 - Largest solar project connected to district heating unveiled in France (Smart Energy Interntional)

2020.02.23 - The Tipping Point (Clean Technica)

2020.02.21 - New Study Finds Far Greater Methane Threat from Fossil Fuel Industry (The Tyee)

2020.02.21 - Revealed: quarter of all tweets about climate crisis produced by bots (The Guardian)

Draft of Brown study says findings suggest ‘substantial impact of mechanized bots in amplifying denialist messages’

2020.02.19 - The world's top climate negotiator is feeling optimistic. She says you should too (CTV News)

2020.02.19 - Methane is a hard-hitting greenhouse gas. Now scientists say we’ve dramatically underestimated how much we’re emitting (The Washington Post)

2020.02.18 - First floating solar in the Middle East set for commissioning (Smart Energy International)

2020.02.18 - Renewable Energy Developers Ready To Quit Australia Over Idiotic Government Policies (Clean Technica)

2020.02.17 - UK energy sector has “fastest rate of decarbonisation in the world” (Smart Energy International)

2020.02.17 - New World Bank strategy to scale up solar energy production in Vietnam (Smart Energy International)

This approach to supporting renewable energy is a sea-change for the WB from just a couple of years ago.

2020.02.16 - It's Too Late For Us To Fight Climate Change. Instead, Here's How We'll Spend Our Lives. (HuffPost US)

2020.02.14 - Electrification can slash transport, building & industry EU emissions by 60% (Smart Energy International)

2020.02.13 - Before BP can cut methane, it has to measure it (Quartz)

2020.02.13 - New report highlights the rise of sustainable energy in the US (Smart Energy International)

2020.02.12 - Global economic growth will take big hit due to loss of nature (The Guardian)

2020.02.11 - Defying expectations of a rise, global carbon dioxide emissions flatlined in 2019 (IEA)

2020.02.10 - Why SF6 emissions from the renewable energy sector should not be considered a ‘dirty secret’ (The Conversation)

2020.02.09 - Correcting Anti-Renewable Energy Propaganda (Clean Technica)

2020.02.08 - In-Depth Renewable Energy 101 & Climate Change 101 — Thorough Beginner’s Guide (Clean Technica)

Like the blurb for this item says: "This section is meant as a primer to the world of climate change and renewable energy. CleanTechnica has posted over 40,000 articles since its inception in 2008. However, reading all of them would take months, so the following is a distillation of the key pieces of the puzzle."
Likely more than you want to take in at one sitting, but Clean Technica is generally pretty good on facts and being current, so those who haven't been following climate change and renewable energy intently for decades, this might be a reasonable starting point to get up to speed with little effort.

2020.02.08 - Arctic ice melt is changing ocean currents (Phys.org)

2020.02.07 - How the oil industry pumped Americans full of fake news (Grist)

2020.02.07 - Solar and wind generation outpaced coal in Europe last year (PV Magazine)

2020.02.07 - Cutting Fossil Fuel Subsidies Could Be Even More Beneficial Than We Realized (Gizmodo)

2020.02.07 - Antarctica just hit 65 degrees, its warmest temperature ever recorded (Washington Post)

2020.02.07 - $44 Million Zero-Emissions Freight Project Launched By California Air Resources Board (Clean Techncia)

2020.02.07 - Scotland to boost net-zero transition with £1.8 billion budget allocation (Smart Energy International)

2020.02.06 - ‘A Little Shocking’: Ocean Currents Are Speeding up Significantly, Study Finds (EcoWatch)

2020.02.06 - €4.9bn in investment for climate-action projects approved (Smart Energy International)

2020.02.06 - Climate change: Clean tech 'won't solve warming in time' (BBC News)

2020.02.05 - When it comes to climate hypocrisy, Canada's leaders have reached a new low (The Guardian)

2020.02.04 - Social tipping dynamics for stabilizing Earth’s climate by 2050 (PNAS)

2020.02.04 - Collapsing permafrost is transforming the Arctic’s waterways (The Narwhal)

2020.02.03 - Plans to make whole Avon fleet electric by 2024 (Stratford-upon-Avon Herald)

2020.02.03 - Permafrost Is Thawing So Fast, It’s Gouging Holes in the Arctic (Wired)

2020.02.03 - Arctic permafrost thaw plays greater role in climate change than previously estimated (Phys.org)

2020.02.03 - Sea level rise accelerating along US coastline, scientists warn (The Guardian)

2020.02.02 - Climate change, pollution and urbanization threaten water in Canada (The Conversation)

2020.02.01 - Why were whales increasingly caught in crab lines? Because of the climate crisisWhy were whales increasingly caught in crab lines? Because of the climate crisis (The Guardian)

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You can find many earlier postings (going back to year 2000) related to climate change at:
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I present a lot of information in this blog and on this website. If you need some help sorting through the noise level and getting a forward-looking, proactive approach to climate change for your business, I can do that work for you via my consulting business. Contact

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