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Catastrophic Climate Change: I Can't Hear You When You Say Climate Change is a Hoax; There's Too Much Feedback.


Feedback control is certainly not controlled feedback.
- Mussadiq Abdul Rahim

In the study of dynamic systems, feedback loops are used to drive or control main processes. For example, when a furnace is used to heat a house, we use a thermostat to provide feedback. In general, we have two conditions we test for to maintain a stable condition (household indoor temperature). When the temperature falls below a specific threshold (say 19 degrees C), the thermostat signals the furnace to turn on and provide heat. When the temperature rises to a specific threshold (say 20 degrees C), the thermostat signals the furnace to turn off and stop providing more heat.

Typically, we talk about positive feedback loops (self-reinforcing) and negative feedback looks (where the current direction of change is discouraged). Our example with the furnace is a negative feedback loop in both directions. Move towards too hot, and heating is stopped. Move towards too cold, and heating is applied. If you want stability, you want negative feedback loops.

Catastrophic Climate Change (CCC) is effectively a suicide pact by the entire human race. We will not give up our profligate use of fossil carbon fuels, the burning of those fuels is driving climate change, and climate change is now killing us.

Let Me Count the Ways

Actually, I know I can't list all the ways CCC is killing us; there are simply too many. But I can provide a few examples.

It's Happening Now

Food Shortages (crops, wild game, livestock), Water Shortages, wildfires, floods, landslides, storms, diseases, resource wars, heat waves ...

Greehnouse Effect

Carbon Dioxide


Remember, the global warming potential of methane is 56 times that of CO2 based on a 20-year timeframe. We can no longer work in terms of 100 year time frames. Climate change is no longer offering us that much time. We have to change this part of the conversation NOW!. As more methane (e.g. fugitive leaks from the gas industry) enters the atmosphere, the more planetary warming it forces. As the planet warms, more methane is released into the atmosphere from various sources, like permafrost melt, clathrates, increased breaks in gas pipelines related to extreme weather and 'natural' disaster events. Those are positive feedback loops.

Permafrost Melt

February 2019 - Defusing the methane bomb—we can still make a difference (Phys.Org)

August 2018 - 'Abrupt thaw' of permafrost beneath lakes could significantly affect climate change models (Phys.Org)

Methane Clathrates

(aka 'fire-ice', hydromethane, methane hydrate and other names)

Nitrous Oxides (NOx)

Atmospheric Water Vapour

The Rest

Albedo Effect

Waste Heat

Coral-Algal Phase Shifts

Climate Change Induced Coral Bleaching and Algal Phase Shift in Reefs of the Gulf of Mannar, India (June 2013)

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