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Actually, I post a lot of information related to climate change almost daily elsewhere. But, as time permits, I'm going to put the esoterica I encounter related to climate change here rather than trying to update the various pages. So this will be reverse chronological rather than logically organized within the structure of the rest of this website. Please don't rely on this as a consistent and current source for climate change information updates. I update this site on my own time, and making a living has to take priority.
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2019.08.30 - Draft UN report warns of rising seas, storm surges, melting permafrost (AFP)

2019.08.30 - Art Pope's think tank keeps misleading on climate science (Facing South)

2019.08.23 - Emissions will rise under Conservative climate plan (National Observer)

2019.08.22 - US electricity retailers are ditching fossil fuels (pv magazine)

2019.08.22 - Hotter, larger fires turning boreal forest into carbon source: research (National Observer)

2019.08.20 - Study Explains How Oil Spills Can Initiate Harmful Algal Blooms (Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative)

2019.08.18 - Myths about disaster survivors stall the global response to climate change (The Conversation)

2019.08.17 - Iceland’s Prime Minister: ‘The Ice Is Leaving’ (New York Times)

2019.08.17 - The water is so hot in Alaska it's killing large numbers of salmon (CNN)

2019.08.16 - And Now, the Really Big Coal Plants Begin to Close (E&E News)

2019.08.16 - Sasol silently upping greenhouse gas emissions without being noticed (MoneyWeb / The Citizen)

2019.08.15 - Scorched: Extreme Heat and Real Estate (Urban Land Institute)

2019.08.15 - Offshore oil and gas rigs leak more greenhouse gas than expected (Princeton University)

2019.08.13 - Climate explained: why plants don’t simply grow faster with more carbon dioxide in air (The Conversation)

2019.08.13 - 5 ways to make air travel greener (CBC News)

2019.08.13 - Sea Level Rise! (Counterpunch)

2019.08.12 - Public far ahead of politics on climate emergency (National Observer)

2019.08.12 - Too expensive, too dangerous: the accusations tightening the noose around nuclear power (Power Technology)

2019.08.12 - Daimler starts first Freightliner eCascadia all-electric semi truck deliveries (electrek)

2019.08.12 - Selective graphene membranes could invigorate carbon capture technology (Chemistry World)

2019.08.12 - Solar now ‘cheaper than grid electricity’ in every Chinese city, study finds (CarbonBrief)

2019.08.12 - West Antarctica is melting—and it’s our fault (National Geographic)

2019.08.12 - Natural-gas leaks are important source of greenhouse gas emissions in Los Angeles (Phys.org)

2019.08.12 - Why even a small change in Earth's carbon dioxide makes a big difference (Phys.org)

2019.08.12 - Cauliflowers dwindle in UK as extreme weather takes its toll (The Guardian)

2019.08.12 - 'Ecological grief': Greenland residents traumatised by climate emergency (The Guardian)

2019.08.12 - Heat-trapping gases broke records in 2018, climate crisis report finds (The Guardian)

2019.08.11 - Scientists on high alert as massive algal bloom threatens Lake Erie (Hamilton Spectator)

2019.08.09 - WSJ: Natural gas leaking, venting and flaring equivalent to driving 79 million miles (TreeHugger)

2019.08.08 - Canadian food supplies at risk if climate change not slowed, new UN report shows (National Observer)

2019.08.08 - The Leaks That Threaten the Clean Image of Natural Gas (The Wall Street Journal)

2019.08.08 - This is the first 100% solar-powered airport in the U.S. (Big Think)

2019.08.07 - What I learned writing about climate change and the US south for a year (The Guardian)

2019.08.06 - Want to beat climate change? Protect our natural forests (The Conversation)

2019.08.05 - RUSSELL WANGERSKY: The big melt (The Guardian)

2019.08.05 - 'It feels like something out of a bad sci-fi movie' (Politico)

2019.08.03 - Siberian wildfires turn up heat on Russian oil producers (CBC News)

2019.08.02 - China’s pollution is so bad it’s blocking sunlight from solar panels (World Economic Forum)

2019.08.02 - Scientists link Europe heat wave to human-caused global warming (CBC News)

2019.08.02 - Scientist says tropical fish photographed off Nova Scotia signals warming Atlantic waters (Globe and Mail)

2019.08.01 - ‘Climate change makes it worse’: Arctic fires threaten more dark days in the North (Globe and Mail)

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You can find many earlier postings related to climate change at:
Keith's List Archive and
the Sustainable Biofuel List Mail Archive.

I present a lot of information in this blog and on this website. If you need some help sorting through the noise level and getting a forward-looking, proactive approach to climate change for your business, I can do that work for you via my consulting business. Contact

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