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Actually, I post a lot of information related to climate change almost daily elsewhere. But, as time permits, I'm going to put the esoterica I encounter related to climate change here rather than trying to update the various pages. So this will be reverse in chronological rather than logically organized within the structure of the rest of this website. Please don't rely on this as a consistent and current source for climate change information updates. Sadly, we cannot rely on our corporate-controlled mass media for good information on this. I update this site on my own time, and making a living has to take priority.
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COVID-19 blog

2020.06.17 - Emissions Are Surging Back as Countries and States Reopen (New York Times)

2020.06.16 - Oil spills, wildfires, invasive insects… Siberia’s climate change vicious circle (France24)

2020.06.16 - After son's bout with Lyme disease, woman invents new tick repellent (Weather Network)

2020.06.15 - Satellite Images Show the Arctic's Fiery Unraveling (Gizmodo)

2020.06.09 - Climate-change activism needs a lesson in listening (National Observer)

2020.06.09 - Alberta First Nations appeal suspension of oilpatch environmental monitoring (National Observer)

2020.06.08 - Florida’s Flooded Future: ‘Retreat While There’s Still Time’ With sea levels rising, Miami will be underwater by the end of the century. (The Nation)

2020.06.08 - 1.35 Cents/kWh: Record Abu Dhabi Solar Bid Is A Sober Reminder To Upbeat Fossil Fuel Pundits (CleanTechnica)

2020.06.07 - Wind Energy Investment To Overtake Oil & Gas In 2022 In Europe (OilPrice.com)

2020.06.05 - 'Falling like dominos': Renewables records continue to topple across Europe (BusnessGreen)

2020.06.01 - The human factor limits hope of climate fixes (Phys.Org)

2020.05.24 - Alberta rescinds regulations — Will allow open-pit coal mines (Oil&Gas360)

2020.05.19 - Carbon capture and storage a dud but fossil fuel industry’s cash capture working well (Crikey)

2020.05.18 - Clear reduction in urban carbon emissions as a result of COVID-19 lockdown (Phys.org)

2020.05.17 - Climate Change Is Making Hurricanes Stronger, Researchers Find (New York Times)

2020.05.17 - Michigan crops damaged as temperatures plunge below freezing (ClickOnDetroit)

Making the same point again: climate change does not mean longer growing seasons; it means more weather volatility. When confronted by climate change deniers and apologists, this is a point worth making to them, even if they don't understand crops or weather.

2020.05.16 - Big Oil Taking $1.9 Billion in CARES Act Tax Breaks Aimed at Helping Small Businesses in 'Stealth Bailout': Report (Common Dreams)

2020.05.13 - Global Warming on Vacation? Not Even Remotely Close (Discover)

2020.05.13 - How our brains make it hard to solve climate change (Washington Post)

2020.05.13 - Wind Power & Hydropower Race To Crush Coal For COVID-19 Recovery (CleanTechnica)

2020.05.12 - Climate change: Study pours cold water on oil company net zero claims (BBC News)

2020.05.12 - Vestas sets a new world record in wind energy installation (Smart Energy International)

2020.05.11 - North Dakota’s largest power plant looks set to close as the owner bets on wind energy (CNBC)

2020.05.11 - Coal Is Collapsing Faster Than Ever, Leaving U.S. Power Cleaner (Forbes)

2020.05.08 - Estimating global mean sea-level rise and its uncertainties by 2100 and 2300 from an expert survey (Nature)

2020.05.05 - Trust in scientists grows as fake coronavirus news rises, UK poll finds (The Guardian)

2020.05.04 - Mapping Methane Emissions on a Global Scale (SciTechDaily)

2020.05.04 - Amid pandemic, U.S. renewable power sources have topped coal for 40 days (Reuters)

2020.05.04 - Looming Coal and Nuclear Plant Closures Put ‘Just Transition’ Concept to the Test (Green Tech Media)

2020.05.02 - Global Fossil Fuel Subsidies Remain Large: An Update Based on Country-Level Estimates (International Monetary Fund)

2020.05.01 - Judge Vacates Oil and Gas Leases on 145,000 Acres in Montana (New York Times)

2020.05.01 - In the middle of a pandemic, renewables are taking over the grid (Grist)

2020.04.21 - National (Canada) emissions numbers underscore need to invest in clean economy (Pembina Institute)

2020.04.21 - Soon the North Pole Will Be Ice Free in Summer (SciTechDaily)

2020.04.17 - Austria's last coal power plant shuts down (pv magazine international)

2020.04.08 - Ontario suspends environmental oversight rules, citing COVID-19 (National Observer)

The Ontario government just chose - again - to use the COVID-19 health emergency to hammer home its neo-liberal economic agenda. This time it's the removal of ALL environmental oversight rules. Period. Not in any way limited to COVID-19-related issues. The Ontario NDP opposition abdicated its role by totally caving in on this.

2020.04.07 - Fossil Fuels Add to World’s Marine Dead Zones (EcoWatch)

2020.04.07 - Crops could face double trouble from insects and a warming climate (The Conversation)

2020.04.06 - Qatargas using boil-off gas to unload LNG, starting in Japan (S&P Global)

2020.04.04 - Addressing climate change in a post-pandemic world (McKinsey)

2020.04.04 - Heartland Institute Warns Renewables Will Damage The Environment & Harm People — Junk Science For Pollution (CleanTechnica)

2020.04.03 - Germany Exceeds 50% Renewable Energy Use Milestone (EcoWatch)

Just a reminder that this is the reason the fossil-fuel industries are dying - because zero-GHG renewable energy is now cheaper than subsidized fossil fuels. Not because we want cleaner air and water or a survivable planet. Because renewables are less expensive than toxic, carcinogenic, GHG-emitting fossil fuels. It's not about COVID-19. The oil industry was going off a cliff before COVID-19 became a factor in Europe and North America, because driving an electric car costs less - today - with lower gasoline prices due to COVID-19 and the Russia-Saudi price war - than a gasoline or diesel car. Big electric trucks and ships are coming. Airliners can run on bio-jet-fuel. The current Russia-Saudi price war isn't a cause of the collapsing oil industry, it's a result of the collapsing oil industry. Coal's all but finished. Oil's in huge trouble despite massive taxpayer subsidies. Natural gas demand is evaporating in the face of renewables and increased energy efficiency. Dominoes.

2020.04.03 - Oceans' capacity to absorb CO2 overestimated, study suggests (The Guardian)

2020.04.01 - India's coronavirus lockdown is having a dramatic impact on pollution (CTV News)

2020.03.27 - study shows trees hardly benefit from an increased CO2 level in the air (designboom)

2020.03.27 - Green Fuel Plants Are Shutting Down and Some May Never Come Back (Bloomberg)

2020.03.26 - UK greenhouse gas emissions fall for seventh year in a row (The Guardian)

2020.03.25 - World's wind power capacity up by fifth after record year (The Guardian)

2020.03.25 - See which cities will feel the brunt of climate change (National Geographic)

2020.03.25 - In Rare Step, Oil-Sands Giant Shuts Output to Weather Rout (Yahoo Finance)

2020.03.24 - The Great Lakes depend on ice. But this winter, they barely froze (National Geographic)

2020.03.24 - Coal mines emit more methane than oil-and-gas sector, study finds (CarbonBrief)

2020.03.23 - India: Funding for new coal power projects dries up (Phyys.Org)

2020.03.23 - India: Funding for new coal power projects dries up (Smart Energy International)

2020.03.23 - Push to get taxpayer funds for Vales Point coal plant upgrade rejected (The Guardian)

2020.03.20 - Offshore wind hits record year in 2019 – up 35% says GWEC (Smart Energy International)

2020.03.16 - Exxon Now Wants to Write the Rules for Regulating Methane Emissions (DeSmogBlog)

2020.03.11 - WMO Statement on the State of the Global Climate in 2019 (World Meteorological Organization - WMO)
"The results of this report demonstrate that climate change is already very visible in various ways. More ambitious climate mitigation efforts are needed to keep the warming below 2 °C by the end of the century."

2020.03.09 - Carbon emissions fall as electricity producers move away from coal (The Guardian)

Global emissions down by 2% amid mild winter and reduced use of coal-fired power plants

2020.03.07 - Pro-Trump Climate Denial Group Lays Off Staff Amid Financial Woes, Ex-Employees Say (HuffPost)

Heartland Insitute no longer needed by fossil-fuel lobby while Trump is President?

2020.03.07 - 'I'm profoundly sad, I feel guilty': scientists reveal personal fears about the climate crisis (The Guardian)

2020.03.06 - Switzerland’s biggest bank backs away from the oilsands (National Observer)

2020.03.05 - The Current Global Warming Trend Is Directly Related To Human Emissions Of Greenhouse Gasess (Forbes)

This isn't big news to anyone who has been paying attention. The news here is that this truth is now appearing in Forbes, long a channel for pro-fossil-fuel climate-change-denialism rhetoric. It's a shift, but it's still not action.

2020.03.05 - The Current Global Warming Trend Is Directly Related To Human Emissions Of Greenhouse Gases (Forbes)

Dominoes. It isn't about uncertainty in public resistance or government environmental assessment processes which are causing Berkshire Hathaway to pull out of this project. It is the certainty that the market for LNG is shrinking worldwide as climate change is forcing a shift away from carbon fuels in general, and the energy intensity and high up-front capital costs of LNG, and growing awareness of the impact of fugitive natural gas emissions which are making the sector financially unviable.

2020.03.05 - Paper That Blames The Sun For Climate Change Was Just Retracted From Major Journal (Science Alert)

More disinformation bites the dust. Not the first strike-out for Valentina Zharkova.

2020.03.04 - Climate action: the latest target of Europe's fossil fuel lobbyists (The Guardian)

Past blog pages: May 2019 June 2019 July 2019 August 2019 September 2019 October 2019 November 2019 December 2019 January 2020 February 2020

You can find many earlier postings (going back to year 2000) related to climate change at:
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I present a lot of information in this blog and on this website. If you need some help sorting through the noise level and getting a forward-looking, proactive approach to climate change for your business, I can do that work for you via my consulting business. Contact

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