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Actually, I post a lot of information related to climate change almost daily elsewhere. But, as time permits, I'm going to put the esoterica I encounter related to climate change here rather than trying to update the various pages. So this will be reverse in chronological rather than logically organized within the structure of the rest of this website. Please don't rely on this as a consistent and current source for climate change information updates. Sadly, we cannot rely on our corporate-controlled mass media for good information on this. I update this site on my own time, and making a living has to take priority.
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2019.09.25 - IPCC report paints catastrophic picture of melting ice and rising sea levels – and reality may be even worse (The Conversation)

2019.09.25 - Unprecedented damage to oceans has Canada's marine life on the run (National Observer)

2019.09.25 - Carbon pollution must be 'sharply' cut to lessen destruction of rising oceans: IPCC report (National Observer)

2019.09.25 - [dead site: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/ipcc-climate-change-oceans_ca_5d8b421ee4b0c6d0cef452e8] Western Canada Could Face Water Shortages From Climate Change, Warns UN Report (HuffPost)

2019.09.25 - Flooded cities, vanishing sea life forecast in new UN-backed report (CBC)

2019.09.25 - [dead site: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/andrew-scheer-carbon-tax-baloney-meter_ca_5d8b9e99e4b0c6d0cef54f94] Andrew Scheer’s Claim Carbon Tax Has Been ‘Proven To Fail’ Doesn’t Hold Up: Experts (HuffPost)

2019.09.25 - Trudeau's claim that Canada is 'on track' to meet 2030 climate target is misleading (CBC)

2019.09.25 - What an ice-free Arctic really means, and why it matters so much (CBC)

2019.09.24 - Reduce your food waste to save money, boost health and reduce CO2 emissions (The Conversation)

2019.09.23 - Nuclear energy too slow, too expensive to save climate: report (Reuters)

2019.09.23 - Sir David Attenborough | A message to world leaders (WWF International (YouTube 3 minutes 19 seconds)

2019.09.20 - 'Drastic actions' urged by UN agency as global average temperature rises higher (CBC)

Spetember 20 is the first day of climate change action - largely public demonstrations looking for positive, concrete action - which is expected to conclude on September 27, as the United Nations Climate Summit meets (September 23rd) to contemplate how to once again act like they're doing something while continuing to cave to the climate science opposition and do nothing of value, but at the cost of more GHG emissions from thousands of aircraft flights. I predict the North American mass media will consciously not notice. In Canada, we're far too preoccupied by the make-up choices made by the current Prime Minister two decades ago and more. Please understand that having the rich reap the benefits of oversized greenhouse gas emissions while those living in poorer nations is a truly global racist issue. I wonder what we'll be fascinated by 20 years from now. Survival of our species? Or will that be in the rear view mirror?

2019.09.20 - Photos: What the youth climate strike looks like around the world (Vice)
Many images, some of the signs and posters are worth reading.

2019.09.20 - New windfarms will not cost billpayers after subsidies hit record low (The Guardian)

2019.09.20 - How a new tree movement is taking root across Canada (The Star)

2019.09.20 - Yes, the Climate Crisis May Wipe out Six Billion People (The Tyee)

2019.09.20 - Why Ontario’s electricity is about to get dirtier (TVO)

2019.09.19 - Solar and Wind Power So Cheap They’re Outgrowing Subsidies (Bloomberg)

2019.09.19 - Ikea has invested in enough clean energy to power all of its operations (plus extra) (Fast Company)

2019.09.19 - There Is One Safe Geoengineering Option Guaranteed to Reduce CO2 in Our Atmosphere (Science Alert)

2019.09.19 - Climate Crusaders Aren’t Buying Natural Gas Propaganda (OilPrice.com)

2019.09.19 - Scientists set out how to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 (The Guardian)

2019.09.19 - Airlines' CO2 emissions rising up to 70% faster than predicted (The Guardian)

2019.09.18 - Century-old ship logs show how much ice the Arctic has lost (Popular Science)

2019.09.18 - Solar-plus-storage vs grid enhancement, part IV (pv magazine)

2019.09.18 - 2019 Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Is Second Lowest (NASA)

2019.09.16 - 'Like a sunburn on your lungs': how does the climate crisis impact health? (The Guardian)

2019.09.15 - Attacks on Greta Thunberg Are About More Than Anti-Environmentalism (DeSmog Blog)
The graphic 'The lobbyist network behind attacks on Greta Thunberg' is worth viewing. The Canadian connection to Maxime Bernier parroting the party line about Greta being "mentally unstable" is not coincidental. Nor is the appearance of the Fraser Institute in the graphic list of climate science deniers.

2019.09.13 - Scientists’ Advice to People Living in Coastal Areas? Move. (Truthout)

2019.09.13 - Norwegian city adds biofuel busses to fleet (Canadian Biomass)

2019.09.13 - World's most powerful greenhouse gas on the rise 'due to green energy boom' (The Telegraph)

2019.09.13 - Climate change: Electrical industry's 'dirty secret' boosts warming (BBC)

2019.09.06 - The air above Antarctica is suddenly getting warmer – here’s what it means for Australia (The Conversation)

2019.09.04 - “This Is a Climate Emergency”: Devastated by Dorian, the Bahamas Are on Frontlines of a Dying Planet (Democracy Now)

2019.09.04 - Climate change, poverty and human rights: an emergency without precedent (The Conversation)

2019.09.03 - Alaska’s Sea Ice Completely Melted Earlier Than Ever Before (TruthOut)

Past blog pages: May 2019 June 2019 July 2019 August 2019

You can find many earlier postings related to climate change at:
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I present a lot of information in this blog and on this website. If you need some help sorting through the noise level and getting a forward-looking, proactive approach to climate change for your business, I can do that work for you via my consulting business. Contact

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